spring cleaning

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spring cleaning

cleaning is suppose to take place before summer, not after it. But, as usual, I
procrastinated and now I have to finally get rid of all the junk
I've accumulated over the year. But now there are no if's, and's, or but's
about it--the cleaning must be done!

I start in my bedroom. I have a king bed, with a sheet on
the mattress and a top sheet, with pillow cases on the pillows.
Atop all that I have a down comforter. Well, they all need to be washed,
so into the machine they go. Next I start in on the closet. What a mess!
I've got boxes and bins full of stuff that need sorting .
Finally, I have to vacuum the carpet and dust. Whew! Quite a job!
Good thing I don't have any drapes, just shades on the windows.

But I'm not done yet. It's time to move on to the kitchen.
I have a combination stove and oven, both of which I need to
clean. I start with the fridge, though, which needs the most work. I
take out the shelves and rinse them all off. Then I dump anything
which has a passed its expiration date. Then its back to the stove,
which I need to scrub clean of the grease and stains , and the
same for the oven. Finally, I wash all the dirty dishes and put them in a dish
rack next to the sink.

Spring cleaning is always a mixed bag for me. It's
a lot of work, but I also find things I've been missing for the past year!
Maybe next time I'll manage to do my spring cleaning in the spring.

Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan

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