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getting around Getting
around in the United States
is sometimes not very easy. Most people own their own cars, but not everyone
can foot the bill for the car, plus the insurance, gas,
and maintenance. Most big cities have buses, but they are much slower
than a car. Several cities in the U.S. have subway systems, but many
do not. There are even fewer trains that transport daily commuters. In
cities such as Los Angeles,
public transportation is much more limited than in other countries.

If you take some form of public transportation, you need
to pay a certain fare. In most big cities the fare is anywhere from 1 to
2 dollars. But don't expect the bus driver to change a bill for you. You
usually need exact change if you're going to ride a bus, train, or
subway. Whatever you take, you always have to pay for it!

My friends here in Los
Angeles all have different ways of getting to work.
One friend, who lives out in the boonies, rides the train
everyday. He takes the train because it's easier for him than driving or
taking a bus. Another friend I know who works close to where he lives rides a
bike everyday. Still another friend drives his car. I don't know anyone
who rides the bus, but I've taken it once or twice when my car was in the
shop. Worse comes to worst, you can always hop in a taxi.
Taking a taxi is expensive here, though, so be prepared for a big fare—not
including the tip!

Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan

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