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buying a new computerMy
computer has been acting up on me. It's a pretty old model, and I
need to replace it. So I decided to call up my friend Kevin to ask for
his two cents. Kevin is a computer whiz. He knows PC really well
since he worked on them for years, but in his heart of hearts, he is a
big Mac fan. So, I thought he would be good person to ask.

I have always used a PC. I do mostly word processing
so I don't need anything fancy. But, I see people I know doing cool things with
photos and video, so I’d like to take a crack at some new programs in
the future.

Well, I called up Kevin to tell him what I needed. He
immediately started throwing out specs: "You need at least a 2
Gigahertz processor and 1 Gig of memory, and make sure it has a writable DVD
drive." "Whoa," I said. "All of that is way over my
head. Let's back up for a a minute." Then he laughed and said he had
gotten carried away . "Okay," he said. "Let's start at
the beginning. Now, the processor determines how easily and how fast you can
use the programs on your computer. Got that?" I said that I did.
Then he continued, "How much RAM memory you have is very important, too.
Your computer will go faster the more you have. So, I recommend getting at
least 1 Gigabyte of RAM memory." "I think I'm following you so
far, " I said. "Great," he said. Another thing you want is a
drive that handles both CDs and DVDs. Some drives can just read DVDs and some
can record onto blank ones. If you want to burn your own videos,
you'll want a writable DVD drive. Remember though, that's just the computer
itself. Don't forget that you'll need a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and

"OK," I said. "I think I've got all that.
Now, here's the burning question: Mac or PC?

He said: "Now that's a whole different thing.
Do you have a couple of hours?‚"

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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